The inspiration for each project we do at BayCliff Homes comes from the unique characteristics of each site, client and program. The design solution comes through the manipulation and abstraction of form, natural light, details, and materials. An architect’s work should speak for itself and through is clients. However, we would like to outline some of the thoughts and principles guiding our work and company:

Respecting a client’s needs, desires and budget. Working together to arrive at a solution. A building must be practical and economical, but it must be more than utility. It also shall provide its users with an enjoyable experience of space and materials: a landscape for work or living.

We look forward to drawing from your imagination.


BayCliff Homes has its own custom cabinet shop. State of the art machines and a tenacity for detail allow BayCliff Homes to make custom pieces for that unique little niche.


Executive Home Help is one call for preventative home maintenance for executive clients. Monthly inspections, followed with a report, of both the interior and exterior ensure your home is aging properly and functioning efficiently. BayCliff Homes has a powerful network of specialists capable of identifying and correcting issues within your homes mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems, and any other mechanism or surface. For more information please contact BayCliff Homes!

We’ll focus on the leaky faucet, so you don’t have to.